Relatus (Re-la-Toos) is the Latin root for “Relate”

≈Narration or telling of events, bring back news, to give account≈
≈To bring into relation≈
≈To feel connected to≈

In the narration of our own success stories we give a unique account of our talents.

Communicating our Strengths with others create bonds of connection, individual space among the team, and our unique contribution to the success of the team.


Core Services

StrengthsFinder is an incredible tool to help you to gain a positive and deeper understanding of what makes you successful.  For many, taking the StrengthsFinder assessment and reading the results make people generally leave wanting more.  They want more clarification, more understanding or more knowledge on how to apply their Strengths to their life. For many it feels like you have only been given the tools to give your car an oil change and being asked to try it.  Most of us are not going to try it unless you know how the tools help you do a successful oil change.

At Relatus, we take a deeper level approach of helping you narrate your own talent stories to see how your Strengths have helped you and your team be successful.

cropped-relatus-2-draft-2.pngIndividual StrengthsFinder Experiencecropped-relatus-2-draft-2.png

Connect Sessions
These three sessions are the foundation to lead a Strengths-based lifestyle.

Deeper Level Coaching Experiences

The coaching sessions that can cover how Strengths interact in Leadership, Conflict, Change, Growth, Character & Relationships.


cropped-relatus-2-draft-2.pngTeam StrengthsFinders Experiencescropped-relatus-2-draft-2.png

The Root Experience

  • Individualized Coaching Sessions for each team member (2 hours each)
  • Group Strengths 101 Session (3.5 hours)
  • Individual Follow up Session for each team member (30 minutes each)

Level Up StrengthsFinder Experiences
Group Sessions customized to the areas of needs of the team on the topics of Leadership, Conflict, Change, Growth, Character & Relationships.

Lost and Found Sessions
These 1 day experiences are built to get you away from the office to connect as a team.  This retreat is built to actively engage your strengths in creative, unique and challenging ways.

In Their Own Words


Kev L
Kevin L.
Recruitement and Outreach Specialist at Tennis and Life Camp.

“My experience with Todd’s StrengthsFinder consultation has been absolutely remarkable. I had taken StrengthsFinder in the past through student leadership training at Gustavus Adolphus College and learned what my top 5 strengths meant but did not dig deep in terms of how they each played out in my life. During the consultation, Todd used a “conversational” approach which made it feel more genuine and natural rather than spoon feeding me information.

He was able to smoothly connect my thoughts to my strengths by listening to how I answered questions based on what I had thought were broad questions. Todd was able to clearly articulate in what ways certain strengths of mine played out in my life and how each one would interact with each other. After the consultation, I was able to recognize and understand why I excelled at certain aspects of my life and reconfirm that the passions that I have are influenced by my strengths rather than luck or randomness.”

Patty B
Patty B.
COO Youth Frontiers

“Todd and I work for the same organization on different teams and we engaged him in working with our team on the StrengthFinders program. We did the individual assessments and then had him come in and work with us on the StrengthFinders 101. The individual assessments enabled each of us to deepen our self-awareness around our most prominent strengths. After that Todd spent a half day working with the whole team on identifying where we all fell within the four quadrants and how that might play out in our collaborative work spaces. He was masterful at meeting us at our understanding levels, suggesting how we could lean into working together with a fresh approach, and creating a space for us to take it to a deeper more meaningful session for ourselves as co-workers and personally.

To this day we often refer back to “oh there is my Includer showing up, or my Strategic approach to things”. It has been a great experience for our teams at work and I can clearly see how deepening people self awareness spills over to their personal life as well. I highly recommend not only Todd’s expertise around this program, but his personal style is both professional and compassionate”




Lead Program Facilitator

“I have known Todd for years and he is a wonderfully articulate and challenging mentor. I have been immersed in the world of StrengthFinders for years having over 10 opportunities to take the test for various jobs, groups, and other organizations. I had been through 15+ Strengths trainings to help me understand how my strengths worked together. Last fall, Todd provided a StrengthsFinders consultation for me and it greatly surpassed all the previous trainings. Todd provided a deep dive in the world of strengths and understood that I had a solid base and provided me valuable tools to think about my various strengths in a new way. (more…)


Sesay ASesay


“Taking the StrengthFinder taught me how to be in control of where I can excel in my personal life and professional life.



My name is Todd Maas.

My Strengths are:  Adaptability, Activator, Competition, Strategic & Woo

My StrengthsFinder story begins like many people stories when I was in a “space between” in my life.  I had just left my first job as a Youth Pastor after 7 years.  In 2001, I was in graduate school thinking what my next step would be. Do I get more education and continue on that path?  It was the conventional path, but something just wasn’t right.  It was during that time, I took StrengthsFinders and met for a 1-on-1 consultation with Brian Schubering.  It was during that conversation the consultant said,

“Todd, you really like working with people, but you really love taking people from Point A to Point B.”

That StrengthsFinder consultation would begin to shape who I am and where I am today.  It was a breath of fresh air to stray from the conventional path I was currently walking. It turns out that creating my own path fit my Strengths better. Even as I begin to share this story, I can see my Strengths shaping my account, can you? Continue reading “Story”


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