Individual Experiences

In the narration of our own success stories we give a unique account of our talents.

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Connect Sessions
3 foundational sessions to begin a Strengths-based life.

Connected Session – The 1st session is about getting connected on a relational level.   You and your life are ultimately the context of your Strengths.  The process of connecting with you and being able to see through that window is the first priority of the experience.  It allows your experience to be descriptive of you and not prescriptive.  You can find plenty of StrengthsFinder coaches who will tell you because you are “Achiever, Learner or insert any StrengthsFinder Talent theme word and tell you that you must be like this or that.”  Your talents are fascinatingly unique to you.  Relating to you sets the tone for these sessions. (45-60 min)

Connecting Session – The 2nd session is about connecting your success stories to your talents.  We take the time to listen and talk through your StrengthsFinder results to understand how you naturally apply them.  In those conversation we will identify how certain Strengths are working together,  influencing each other, key behaviors and their most productive contexts.  After the session you will receive a personalized briefing on that experience and recommendations for next steps. (90 minutes)

Connection Session – The 3rd and final session is about connection .  This session is to reflect back on how you have identified your Strengths played out over the last couple months.  Applications of your Strengths come through your continued awareness of them.  You will be making connection in your life, work and success to your unique Talents.  We take time to focus back on them and what you are discovering them.  You become the expert on your Strengths. (30-45 minutes)

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Deeper Level Coaching Experiences
The coaching begins with the Connect Sessions outlined above.  Then we customize a variety of other follow up coaching sessions that can cover how our Strengths interact in the areas of:

  • Developing Leadership
  • Handling Conflict
  • Navigating Change
  • Growing Personally and/or Professionally.
  • Developing Character
  • Building Relationships

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Customized Individual Coaching Experience

If your looking for something different, let’s take time to discuss what that could look like.  We create your experience together.

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