Team Experiences

Communicating our Strengths with others creates bonds of connection, allows individual space among the team, and makes our unique contributions to the success of the team.

Relatus 5Team StrengthsFinder Experiences

The Root Experience
This group experience sets the foundation for your Organizations  or Team Strengths-based Culture.

  • Individualized Coaching Sessions for each team member (2 hours each)
  • Group StrengthsFinder 1.0 Session (3.5 hours)
  • Individual Follow up Sessions for each team member (30 minutes each)

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Level Up StrengthsFinder Experiences
These Group Sessions are customized to the needs of the team. (2-3 hours)

  • Developing Leadership
  • Handling Conflict
  • Navigating Change
  • Growing Personally and/or Professionally.
  • Developing Character
  • Building Relationships

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Lost and Found Sessions
Choose between two different themed StrengthsFinder Sessions for your Team. (1 day).

You can choose between two types of the StrengthsFinder Experience.  The day is built to get you away to connect as a team to deepen levels of relational trust and communication. The day actively engages Strengths in creative ways to uncover how teams Strengths can work together towards success.

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Customized Team Strengths-based Experiences
We can always find a way to customize a Strengths-based experience for groups from 3 – 150.  Let’s start the conversation here.   Contact Us


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