Core Services

StrengthsFinder is an incredible tool to help you to gain a positive and deeper understanding of what makes you successful.  For many, taking the StrengthsFinder assessment and reading the results make people generally leave wanting more.  They want more clarification, more understanding or more knowledge on how to apply their Strengths to their life. For many it feels like you have only been given the tools to give your car an oil change and being asked to try it.  Most of us are not going to try it unless you know how the tools help you do a successful oil change.

At Relatus, we take a deeper level approach of helping you narrate your own talent stories to see how your Strengths have helped you and your team be successful.

cropped-relatus-2-draft-2.pngIndividual StrengthsFinder Experiencecropped-relatus-2-draft-2.png

Connect Sessions
These three sessions are the foundation to lead a Strengths-based lifestyle.

Deeper Level Coaching Experiences

The coaching sessions that can cover how Strengths interact in Leadership, Conflict, Change, Growth, Character & Relationships.


cropped-relatus-2-draft-2.pngTeam StrengthsFinders Experiencescropped-relatus-2-draft-2.png

The Root Experience

  • Individualized Coaching Sessions for each team member (2 hours each)
  • Group Strengths 101 Session (3.5 hours)
  • Individual Follow up Session for each team member (30 minutes each)

Level Up StrengthsFinder Experiences
Group Sessions customized to the areas of needs of the team on the topics of Leadership, Conflict, Change, Growth, Character & Relationships.

Lost and Found Sessions
These 1 day experiences are built to get you away from the office to connect as a team.  This retreat is built to actively engage your strengths in creative, unique and challenging ways.