My name is Todd Maas.

My Strengths are:  Adaptability, Activator, Competition, Strategic & Woo

My StrengthsFinder story begins like many people stories when I was in a “space between” in my life.  I had just left my first job as a Youth Pastor after 7 years.  In 2001, I was in graduate school thinking what my next step would be. Do I get more education and continue on that path?  It was the conventional path, but something just wasn’t right.  It was during that time, I took StrengthsFinders and met for a 1-on-1 consultation with Brian Schubering.  It was during that conversation the consultant said,

“Todd, you really like working with people, but you really love taking people from Point A to Point B.”

That StrengthsFinder consultation would begin to shape who I am and where I am today.  It was a breath of fresh air to stray from the conventional path I was currently walking. It turns out that creating my own path fit my Strengths better. Even as I begin to share this story, I can see my Strengths shaping my account, can you?

I quickly switched from the graduate program in Seminary to get my Masters in Organizational Leadership.  I got that Masters to develop my leadership talents and skills to helps shape and move people to bring about success.  It wasn’t long after graduating that I began working at Youth Frontiers, Inc.  Since 2005, my job as a Retreat Director is to work with an entire class of kids and help them figure out how to treat each other better.  Pretty sweet!  I literally have a job where I help large groups of students go from point A to point B.  When I’m off retreat, I am managing others to figure out how to use their strengths and skills to get kids to go from Point A to B.  Everyday, I use my Strengths in my job and that is a gift.  The pattern of helping people go from point A to Point B has been clear and StrengthsFinder coaching has been the key to my success.

In 2015, I decided that after 14 years of coaching people in their StrengthsFinders results through my various work settings that I needed to get a professionally certified through Leadership Vision.  It was during that certification when the Founder and CEO of Leadership vision said he wanted to revise his previous idea that I take people from Point A to Point B. He said, “Todd, you really take people from Point A to Point F!”  and then added:

“You see people exactly where they are and then where they could go in their future!”

When I finished that certification I founded Relatus Consulting.  Relatus comes from the latin root word for “relate” which has a depth in the history of its meaning.  I have shared my top 5 Strengths but that doesn’t give you enough about me.  We are all more then the top 5 rank Strengths from the assessment.  I have had a chance to see my entire order from top to bottom.  There are other Strengths that play out in my life like Significance, Belief, Futuristic and what I embrace most importantly is Relator.  I love depth in relationship and connection with others.  I’d rather have a real connection with a few people than to have an inch of depth with hundreds of people.

Relating isn’t just a Strength it is a personal value.

As I continue to work with individuals and organizations I continue to hear that they appreciate the “relational approach” that I take.  I believe it is my Strengths and values playing out.

Thanks for reading and I hope that getting to know me helps.