For Retirees

In 2005, I  had a profound conversation with a recently retired Executive VP named Jim.  My father-in-law allowed me to tag along when Jim invited him to play golf at a very exclusive private golf club.   As we played, Jim asked me about my job at Youth Frontiers and I was telling him how much I loved my job and how I felt lucky to be a “Eighty Percenter”.  Jim asked what I meant by it.  I shared that 80% of my job overlaps my Strengths and the other 20% is spent in doing things that just have to be done.  His response left me speechless because Jim can be seen as the picture of success for many people.

He said, “I envy you.  I spent the last 40 years of my life in a job I hated just hoping to spend the last 20 God willing years doing what I love.”

As a Retiree, maybe you are like Jim and spent along time in a job that didn’t engage you or maybe you were lucky enough that you  loved your job.   You can’t change much about that past, but you can begin to focus what you give or do now to be in the 80%.  Retirement is like many spaces in life that are “in between”.  It is important to know that you have purpose and our Strengths can help guide us towards that end.

If you are recently retired or have been for awhile, the StrengthsFinder Connect Sessions can help guide your steps.  Engaging your strengths will help you figure out how to be more fulfilled in this next chapter.

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