Relatus Logo Origins


The Relatus Logo has a sweet historyI might be biased, but read on and I think you will agree.  This logo in all of it’s perfect imperfections was hand drawn by my oldest daughter, Isabelle.  She probably was about 8 when she began to make this pattern in various forms.  It was a natural choice to ask her to draw this up for me when I needed a logo because it expresses some depth and layers just like every human being and their talents.

What is the meaning of the logo:
It has meaning because #ilovemykids.

What does the logo communicate:
The Core:  The core of the logo represents you.  It represents the belief that beyond all the gifts and talents at our core we matter and are loved.  It’s important to note the core spirals outward because our lives are meant for more than just ourselves and our ambitions.  It is an honor and gift to work with people and we understand that responsibility is sacred.

Inside 5:  The inside 5 pedals represent our Strengths.  However, those 5 pedals allow the background to show through on the website.  This layer also represents the context of our lives inform our Top 5 Strengths.  It is important to see through context to understand our Talents.  It allows our Strengths to be descriptive verses prescriptive.  It is important to see our Strengths through our Relationships, Work, Play, Challenges & Success.  Those stories tell the stories of our Strengths.

Outside 5:  The outside 5 pedals represent how important it is for our Strengths to be generative.  I come from a Strengths philosophy that believes our Strengths at their best are generative meaning they give life to us and others.  The layer also represents that we are also have more than the Top 5 Strengths the assessment gives us.  We often call that your cloud.  You might have 3, 5 or 7 more Talent themes you are making into Strengths.  We are unique because we are perfectly imperfect and so is the shape of the Logo.

Thank you for reading.


P.S. Thank You Belle for allowing me to use your art. – Dad