Lead Program Facilitator

“I have known Todd for years and he is a wonderfully articulate and challenging mentor. I have been immersed in the world of StrengthFinders for years having over 10 opportunities to take the test for various jobs, groups, and other organizations. I had been through 15+ Strengths trainings to help me understand how my strengths worked together. Last fall, Todd provided a StrengthsFinders consultation for me and it greatly surpassed all the previous trainings. Todd provided a deep dive in the world of strengths and understood that I had a solid base and provided me valuable tools to think about my various strengths in a new way.
While I have had the same 5 strengths for years, the lens Todd provided me with helped me see the way they interact in a new way. Specifically, I recall a much more thorough explanation of the different ways the strength WOO can manifest itself. I appreciate the amount of questions Todd asked and his willingness to ask “Does that sound like you?”. Whether you’re wanting to start from the ground up or you already have a solid base with Gallup’s Strengthfinders, Todd’s coaching and consulting will take you to a higher level of understanding.”