Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student

“My experience with StrengthsFinder was invaluable. Knowing my strengths helped me understand what motivates me and helped me know where I do best. Additionally, it aided in my understanding of why I operate the way I do, and how I can augment the skills I have. Coupled with this, I have a better knowledge of how I can participate in a team. I have found that this interplay of individual characteristics and strengths is essential to the successful operation of any team, work environment or graduate school environment. By understanding ourselves and the strengths of those around us, we can figure out what we need to bring to the table ourselves and where we can let the skills of others shine. 

Todd was a phenomenal consultant for this assessment. He was personable, engaging, curious and knowledgeable, and had an obvious passion for his work. He had a sincere and authentic desire to help me understand myself and foster my unique strengths. And, he had great and creative ideas for how I could utilize these strengths in my life and in my work environment. The positive approach he took was vital for me to find success in work, and I have used the knowledge he has taught me in my graduate school endeavors. I highly recommend Todd to anyone that is seeking to better understand themselves and their strengths.”